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Falling when we get older and the impact that it can have on our lives and the lives of our friends and loved ones is a big worry to many, going well beyond just the cost of rehabilitation and care.  

Balance impairment and muscle weakness caused by ‘sedentary aging’ are the most prevalent and modifiable risk factors for people aged 55 and older that can eventually lead to loss of independent living and reduced quality of life. 

Strength and balance training has been formally identified by many medical organizations globally as the single most effective intervention to counteract these factors.

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Exercise and physical activity provide significant benefits for the aging population. Power Plate’s vibrating platform triggers immediate contractions of working and stabilizing muscles, resulting in positive improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, postural control, circulation, and coordination. In addition, the harmonic vibration contributes to positive hormonal responses.

It gets the job done faster. Power Plate training is more efficient than any other traditional exercise, amplifying the benefits of smaller movements, without additional weights, making it ideal for older users who could have limited physical mobility or that might be concerned about the risk of falling.

Power Plate equipment offers one of the most efficient workouts available—providing a total-body workout in less time than traditional exercise. It’s low impact, fun, and best of all, it’s accessible to everyone.

Power Plate minimizes the need for conscious exertion and stress on the musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Where conventional exercise enhances force by increasing mass, Power Plate enhances force by increasing acceleration through vibration. These vibrations cause multiple, muscular reflexive actions to deliver a full body workout.

Over 50? Exercise Can Add Quality Years to Your Life

Let’s be honest, starting a new fitness routine at any age can be intimidating. But because Power Plate was designed with all ages and fitness levels in mind, rest assured it’s never too late to reap those anti-aging benefits from our science-backed equipment.

Movement is MedicineBenefits for Special Populations

Builds Bone Density

Power Plate helps increase bone mineral density & works effectively as a regular training protocol to reverse bone loss & the effects of osteoporosis.

Fall Prevention

Power Plate is an accessible training tool that’s scientifically proven to improve gait, muscle strength & power and improve postural control & balance.

Stroke Recovery

Power Plate significantly increases voluntary muscle strength in stroke patients actively using the equipment for light exercise movements.

Parkinson’s Disease

Power Plate helps control the muscle spasms caused by Parkinson’s by increasing communication between the central nervous system and the muscles. Power Plate also improves postural control to ensure mobility and quality of life in Parkinson’s patients.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Similar to Parkinson’s from a neurological perspective, Power Plate helps increase neuromuscular communication and control unnecessary muscle spasms in RLS sufferers.

Obesity & Diabetes Management

Power Plate stimulates fat loss & reduces acute and chronic blood glucose levels when used as part of a regular training program.

Heart Disease

Power Plate significantly improves systemic stiffness, blood pressure, heart rate variability and muscle strength after a few regular exercise sessions.

Injury Recovery – Specifically Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)

Power Plate will activate injured muscle strands without painful straining or worsening of the injury. It’s been proven to speed up nerve regeneration & bring back normal sensation faster to damaged areas.

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)

Power Plate stimulates muscle activation to slow deterioration and muscle atrophy, without causing muscle overactivity injuries in ALS patients.

Cystic Fibrosis

Power Plate increases lymphatic drainage which prevents rapid build-up of mucus and helps drain mucus from the lungs.

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